New User: can't get JUCE license



Hello all,

Im new to JUCE and can not seem to get a license. I am a student but I am happy to just have a personal license to try JUCE out. However neither seem to work for me. Has the free/student license been pulled.

Im essentially in a loop of this screen. with the only way to break the loop being choosing to purchase a paid license. If I ever get the free one I may well do that… but not without trying it first :wink:


you need to check " I agree to the…" and then you can click on Personal or Education…


haha I wish …


I tried that … Thankyou for the reply though


Do you happen know how far I can get without the projucer app ? … ie: is it required. The Xcode demos are all working sweet !


Same issue here


Thank you for the reports. We are currently looking into this…


Glad to know its not just me cracking up :wink:


Much appreciated


I had same issue before, but it works right now.


FIXED ! Cheers Guys


S’pose that means I should stop making mad noises with the wavetable examples… props so far to you guys at JUCE…this looks cool.


The issue should be fixed now. Thank you for reporting.