Projucer question

As an open source developer I've no need to pay for a JUCE license, but it looks like this is the only way to get a copy of the Projucer after the trial runs out? I'm just curious, will it be possible to simply purchase the Projucer in a once off deal?

I find this pretty ridiculous that you have to buy a license (which I'd eat overpriced) to use the ProJucer. I can see why they would try and use that to give people more incentive to buy the license, but I think most people would rather just cut their losses and move on. You don't see other frameworks trying to sell their developer told that are too be used with the framework, such as Qt with QtCreator, QtDesigner, QtLinguist, and whatever else they have. I really love JUCE and I'd rather use it over other frameworks for a number of things, but I'm really not liking the ways of the new JUCE.