Projucer trial version -> community edition says "Trial access to the Projucer"

This leaves many unanswered questions:

  • What does this mean? Full access for a month? Limited access indefinitely? Something else?
  • What is the limitation exactly? And what does that mean in practical terms?
  • I notice the source code for the Introjucer is still contained in /extras/ --but I can't find anyway explaining the relationship of Introjucer to Projucer. Is there any benefit of using Introjucer over Projucer-trial

These are natural questions for anyone developing on a personal / non-commercial budget.

It would be very helpful to have a (*) next to this text which clarifies further down the page.



It's a month's free access to the live-coding bit. When that expires, the rest of the introjucer-level features will still work. Basically the projucer is just the introjucer with the live-coding stuff added, otherwise it's the same.

But thanks - we see that the website should do a better job of explaining things, and will improve it in the next update..

Hi Jules,

Do we need to do something for Projucer trial to be activated or is it activated automatically?

Mine (osx) downloaded yesterday seems to lack the live coding bit.




You should just need to sign-in with your juce account. If there's a problem with the authorisation, ping