Will Projucer and JUCE always require sign in?

Hi Roli folks, congrats on the JUCE 5 release! I downloaded JUCE 5 and the Projucer says you have to sign in to use Projucer and JUCE resources. Will I always have to sign in to use the Projucer? (i.e. require an internet connection). And what does “Juce resources” cover? Does that imply that unless I’m GPL I can’t use JUCE 5 without being signed in to the Projucer? That might be a dumb question but I want to be sure as I evaluate renewing my license.


Edit: This post was misleading - please see further down the page.

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What’s the difference between GPL and non-GPL mode other than the ability to sign in?

I’d expected that even when using Projucer without signing in one would be able to create non-GPL applications.

Your expectations are correct.

Users signed in using a Personal license do not have the option of configuring whether the splash screen is displayed or not.

Hi Tom, my concern is being able to work when an internet connection is not available. Fabian’s and Jules’ responses in the other thread suggest that this won’t be a problem, either in that the Projucer only needs to be signed into once, or that we have the option to set the GPL flag and carry on (without violation of the paid license tiers). Can you confirm that your response here is compatible with those?

Yes, sorry, that wasn’t the clearest response.

There’s no problem with using the Projucer in “GPL mode” as long as you continue to abide by the terms of the JUCE 5 license, including not disabling the splash screen and analytics if you have a Personal license.

Excellent, thanks for clearing it up.

Even when you are not in GPL mode, you only need to login/signup once with an internet connection. This will store the last login/license state to disk so that the Projucer can then be used offline.

So, if I have read this here correctly, I need at least once an internet connection to be able to use the projucer. Really? No way I am going to write software on a computer that HAS to be online - that is not professional. And unacceptable.
If you decide to go professional, please let me know. For now: Thanks for having wasted my time.

Nope, you didn’t read it correctly before making your troll-post.

The projucer in GPL mode doesn’t require a log in. How could it? It’s open-source. That’s what GPL means.

…although, yes, I guess to be fair you do need an internet connection at least once to use JUCE. Unless github offer a service where you can write them a letter requesting that they send you the repo on some floppy disks.

Of course - how silly of us to limit our user-base to only those software developers who have internet access!

In fact very few professional software developers ever use the internet. I personally often go weeks without needing to go online. (Oh, but of course, I’m not a “professional”, am I…)

We certainly will. How should we contact you? Telegram? Carrier pigeon?


OK Jules, obviously you got here something in the wrong throat.

Please let me explain: Like many developer working on security relevant
(and payed) projects, GPL is not an option and my working computer never
goes online and has not even a browser or any ethernet or wifi drivers
installed. And then I have a laptop that goes online - and doesn’t contain
anything important. Downloaded files can savely be checked before they are

Now is this weird? I don’t think so. It is fairly normal where I work and
putting your work on a internet connected PC is considered an unnecessary
risk that just doesn’t make any sense. Having a second PC for that is cheap
enough, no?!

Actually I am astonished that you have not even considered this possibility
(which btw makes you look like the troll here :-).

Another thing: you want your clients to assume that you are trustworthy. By
making them install a software that reports back information that cannot be
controlled by your clients? I am sorry, but that is really not professional.


Professionals pay. If you’ve paid for JUCE, just enable GPL mode (change a 0 to a 1) and you’re good to go - no need for any internet connection for you or your customers.

Another thing: you want your clients to assume that you are trustworthy. By
making them install a software that reports back information that cannot be
controlled by your clients?

I’m not sure I follow, are you referring to the Projucer? Nobody has to “install” anything. Nobody has to use the Projucer. All the source code of the Projucer is there for you to view and edit if you so wish. What information are you referring to? Application usage data? you can turn that on/off from the Projucer. If you’re actually referring to the data shared within released products, then again the code is there for you to read. Remember it only applies to those that want to release closed source software without paying for a licence for JUCE. If you don’t like it you can release open source or pay for a licence. Unless I’ve misunderstood, asking for anything else is basically asking to get rid of this extra option or make it free to release closed source software.


Also, even if you don’t want to enable GPL mode, the Projcuer will only require the internet for the very first sign-in when opening the Projucer for the very first time. After that it will happily use the last successful sign-in even without an internet connection. If that is still too much internet for you then enable GPL mode (which you can use for GPL projects or on a paid license) and you will never require a connection.

Maybe you work at GCHQ? Or for a scary Russian virus development crew? Or just watch too much “Mr Robot”?

We talk to a lot of developers and I don’t remember ever hearing anyone give a second thought about connecting to the internet…

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@jules, I basically agree with you here, but I feel like your “sarcasm” towards @Muragavino is too much.

I agree that his first post was not in friendly tones, but several times JUCE team members have accused us regular users of being unwelcoming towards newcomers or casual participants, which unfortunately seems exactly what’s happening here.

I believe that, as the fearless leader which you claimed to be in the past incarnation of the forum, the JUCE founder should set the good example putting some extra effort in trying to keep the composure even in the face of (seemingly) unreasonable requirements.

They may in fact be reasonable in some circumstances, and I believe the right approach is the one in @fabian post, which is helpful and explicative of the rationale behind the current behavior without sounding unwelcoming or having to change a single line of code in JUCE.

From the Code of Conduct:

Expected Behavior

Exercise consideration and respect in your speech and actions.
Attempt collaboration before conflict.
Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior and speech.

Unacceptable Behavior

Unacceptable behaviors include: intimidating, harassing, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory or demeaning speech or actions by any participant in our community online, at all related events and in one-on-one communications carried out in the context of community business

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OK, fair enough! I was just trying to be playful, which sadly doesn’t always translate well into text… No offense intended, I shall be more professional in future :wink:

:blush: oops, but emojis are there for that!

Which, by the way, leads to this bug report regarding the forum: the “emoji” menus does not show any of them (see below):


Ah, right, ta for reporting - I’ll pass that on to the webfolk…

Now, was this sarcasm?
Ok, ok, I shouldn’t pay back with the same coin. :slight_smile:

I just wonder why there is so much entusiasm for justification at JUCE and
so much lack of interest in your potential client needs. From my point of
view, my initial “provocation” was a good test to figure out who we are
investing our money and time in. And the team of JUCE just showed little
professionalism. Now we made the desicion to spent some more money and to
try our luck with Qt.
Well Jules, you just shot yourself in the leg - yes Jules, you did!

Anyway, in times where internet safety is a growing concern, we have to
keep our clients IP investments save (btw, all honest public companies).
The easiest solution to keep their investments save, is to expose their
data as little as possible to the internet. Having one PC extra for going
online, while all others stay offline, is not an expense and should be a
nobrainer. I just don’t get it why this is so hard to understand.
Qt understood it right away.

Good Luck and farewell!

Your first post here called us unprofessional time-wasters, based on something you’d completely misunderstood.

We love our users and go to enormous lengths to be attentive to their needs, but we have low tolerance for trolling.

…And if by saying this was a “test” you mean you were really being rude deliberately to see how we reacted, well… in that case Qt is welcome to your business as far as I’m concerned!