Internet connection required to work with the new Projucer?

Is an active internet connection required to work with the new Projucer?
If i start it offline, it says it can only work in GPL mode, but what if i’m on the road and do want to work with a purchased license?

Also i can’t see no technical reason why an internet connection should be required. I like juce, i want to spent money for it, contribute with a lot of testing to its development, but i don’t like the current situation at all. Please stop this.

The projucer will remember your last login when you are offline. So you only need to login once with an internet connection.

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Hi Fabian,

i logged in, but did not choose a license type yet. The “no internet connection” screen comes, so i think i have choose a license type first, before i can work. What happens if need to setup a new system, when i have no internet connection. I likely create separate VMs for building purposes, which are not connected to the internet.

I read the EULA and even if i not using the personal or educational license, if there is a a piece of code inside juce that “may additionally collect the IP addresses of the end-users of your JUCE built application solely for our internal operations in connection with providing JUCE.” makes me to feel uncomfortably. I can’t see the benefit from it, unless you want to benefit with the some kind of user data. I also like don’t like the opt-out approach.

You can use the Projucer in “GPL mode” - see this thread: Will Projucer and JUCE always require sign in?

If you are paying for JUCE, or are using JUCE under the terms of the GPLv3, then the splash screen and analytics are opt-in, not opt out. If you have a Personal license then they both have to be included, it’s not optional.

Will the projucer everytime connect to the roli servers, even if i purchased a commercial license?

vs. the legalese in the commit:

unless you are a paying JUCE customer and opt-out of such tracking.


Well I’m functionally correct at least… If you create a new project, or open an old one, in “GPL mode” or with an Indie or Pro license, then the default is that the splash screen and analytics will not be included. If you open a project that was previously saved with the splash screen and analytics enabled, then in “GPL mode” or with an Indie or Pro license, you have to ability to disable the options (opt-out).

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The projucer has always phoned home when you launch it (to check for updates) so nothing has really changed there. If it bothers you, just build it with the GPL flag.