No internet connection problem (newbie)

I don’t get it, i wanted just to try JUCE , to see what all this fuzz is about, so i downloaded v5.4.7 zip Personal license. Unpacked and launched Projucer.exe, and already on first step i managed to get into problem, it shows me No internet connection screen instead of login screen (i assume), but i have internet connection on my PC. Win10 x64 1903. What am i doing wrong? Thanks.

you should build Projucer from the source, by cloning the JUCE repository from github.

Possibly an issue with your antivirus program blocking the Projucer? If you’re using antivirus try disabling it or adding the Projucer to the whitelist?

thanks, it helped. Then what’s the point of Projucer exe in root catalog, if it doesn’t work, i have no idea, it’s just confuses novices.