Cannot start Projucer

Hi. My first experience with JUCE on windows10 was sadly less then smooth,
this is how it looks when you follow the instructions from the documentation

First view have broken layout of texts so you cannot read what the buttons/boxes do, no biggie.
(sorry new users are only allowed to post a single image so cant show that)

Second view has broken JS-scripts running, and also the layout is unusable

whatever i click in the popup it get back to the broken layout seen behind the popup, which is just a big footer and looks nothing like the screenshot in “Getting started with Projucer” documentation article.

Am i missing something? I have restarted both the app and the computer since the install.

That’s unfortunately a known issue with the built in WebBrowser component. This is a wrapped component from the OS, and seems to be an ancient IE component, which is sometimes updated, but often not.

If you search for “Projucer script error” or similar names, you will find many hits, e.g.

The best solution seems not to log in and use the GPL version (set the define and recompile), a bit sad answer though…