Script error Projucer



I cannot login in Projucer due to a script error.

My machine runs Windows 8.1. I compiled Projucer using VS2015.

The signup site doesn’t seem to be compatible with internet explorer. Is there a way to log in?


I have the same exact issue. I have read that it might be due to internet exploder not being up to date, but as far as I can tell it is up to date (Does Microsoft even support IE anymore?). Perhaps Juce is not meant to be used on 8.1?

Why use activeX anyway? :nauseated_face:

Is there a work around? Can’t get past step one of the tutorial.


BTW I just noticed that you compiled it yourself… apparently you can bypass this screen by setting the flag JUCER_ENABLE_GPL_MODE when you compile it. I am going to try going down that route.
EDIT: Yes this works…


Yes, it works with GPL_MODE set to 1. The problem is that the software that I’m making is not GPL, so I have to log in. Anyone who can help me?
I just tried to uninstall Internet Explorer, but that didn’t help.


You don’t have to log in to create non-GPL software!

As long as you abide by the terms of the JUCE 5 license you can do whatever you want with the Projucer. The forum suggests that you have an indie license, so there would be no difference between “GPL_MODE” and when you were logged in.

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