ProJucer - mark as GPL project


I dont have an indie or Pro JUCE license…

but I want to release a GPL project using JUCE, am i still am to do this using projucer?

the issue I have is in the project preferences, “report JUCE app usage/Display the JUCE splash screen” but just have the option… “Required for closed source…”

where is the option to say its open source, so I can disable these?


You have to build Projucer itself with the GPL option enabled.


ah ok, so download from GitHub…and build, cool - no issue.

is this documented, or I just look thru the code to find build option ?

thanks for help, it would be great if roli, could make the GPL stuff a bit clearer.


In JUCE\extras\Projucer\JuceLibraryCode\AppConfig.h add/modify the line :