ProJucer - mark as GPL project

I dont have an indie or Pro JUCE license…

but I want to release a GPL project using JUCE, am i still am to do this using projucer?

the issue I have is in the project preferences, “report JUCE app usage/Display the JUCE splash screen” but just have the option… “Required for closed source…”

where is the option to say its open source, so I can disable these?

You have to build Projucer itself with the GPL option enabled.

ah ok, so download from GitHub…and build, cool - no issue.

is this documented, or I just look thru the code to find build option ?

thanks for help, it would be great if roli, could make the GPL stuff a bit clearer.

In JUCE\extras\Projucer\JuceLibraryCode\AppConfig.h add/modify the line :



Clause 10.1 of the JUCE 5 license states “Users of free versions of JUCE, such as JUCE Personal or JUCE Education, may not opt out of the tracking of IP addresses…” and does not go on to say “except for open-source programs released under GPL3”. Can anyone clarify?

This very issue has just surfaced for a project I’m working on for a UK university. We need to understand whether or not we can legally remove the tracking code from the application, while using JUCE 5 under an Education license.

It’s useful to be much more careful with language here…

To address your last sentence, very specifically: no - you cannot remove the tracking code if you are using JUCE 5 under an Education license. You’ve just mentioned that yourself, quoting from the relevant part of JUCE 5 license conditions.

If, however, you were to use JUCE under the GPLv3 license, then you are bound by the terms of the GPLv3 license, not the JUCE license, and you are free to modify the code however you wish.

Thank you @t0m. This makes perfect sense. It wasn’t clear to me that this was a distinct option, but on reflection it’s obvious.

I came across this still trying to understand the JUcE GPL specifics. I think the confusion comes from the fact that I don’t see mentioned anywhere that one can actually choose to release JUCE projects as GPL. ONLY that your projects are covered by GPL if you exceed your revenue limit and do not upgrade your license.
I get that GPL allows modification of all code as long as the mods are also GPL, and I get that this would be motivation for a lot of developers to upgrade; but again, I don’t actually see anywhere that people are allowed to use JUCE as GPL by choice, i.e. without exceeding revenue limits.
Even here, only “Other modules are covered by a GPL/commercial license.” But no explanation of what a “GPL/commercial license” is.
Confused here. Can one choose GPL from the outset? If so, is that actually written anywhere?

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