Open source development with Juce?


Suppose I want to create some plugins and I want to distribute them as open source. How does that work license-wise? Can I build a plugin with the Free edition and distribute it for free (obviously while at the same time making the source code available)? Of do I have to use the open source version of Juce for that? If the latter, can I first develop it using the free edition, and only compile what I release with the open source version?

Any insights would be welcome!



First, whether you pay for a license or not, you will get the same JUCE code. People who pay don’t get more features or less bugs, they only pay for the right to keep their source code hidden.

You can build a plugin with any “edition” of JUCE and distribute it for free. The license doesn’t prevent you from selling your plugin at any price. You can even sell a plugin while making its source code available. Some people might buy it, some people might build it themselves, and some people might build it and sell it at a lower price. As long as the source code is available, it’s still open source.


There is also a legal distinction between the “Free” License and the lesser known and advertised “GPL/Open Source” license.
If you release your code under the GPL you can remove the analytics tracking and JUCE watermark that are required with the Free version.

Like @McMartin said, all the source code is the same, there are just legal differences between the plans.


Thx, very clear! @mtytel : is there a manual or howto for removing that tracking and watermark code?


When you open the Projucer, head to the AppConfig.h in JuceLibraryCode. There you find these lines very early on:


Change this to 1, rebuild and restart the projucer. From there on you should be able to select or deselect the analytics and splashscreen in your projucer projects.

EDIT: with opening Projucer, I meant open the Projucer project in XCode, VS or whichever IDE, so you can build it yourself.


Great, thx!