Can't find AppConfig file into Projucer's Juce Library Code


I’d like to share my plugin as open-source and I read that it’s allowed to remove the splash screen ‘Made with JUCE’ from my plugin. But I can’t find the AppConfig.h file into Juce Library Code of the Projucer to enable the GPL option. How can I fix this?
PS I have Juce Edu


If the license terms allow, you may disable the splash screen by adding JUCE_DISPLAY_SPLASH_SCREEN=1 to the “Preprocessor Definitions” field in the Projucer.

This only applies to JUCE/Projucer 5.

In JUCE/Projucer 6, you don’t need to change how Projucer is built. You can enable “GPL mode” at runtime: File > Sign in… > Enable GPL Mode. Then, “Display the JUCE Splash Screen” will default to “Disabled”.

The JUCE Education license and GPLv3 are 2 different licenses, which don’t grant the same rights and don’t have the same requirements.


Ok! Nice. That was very simple. Thank you very much @McMartin !!

Ok. So this was the reason why the splash screen could not be disabled in Education license probably.