How to turn off Splash Screen Permanently for Open Sourced Projects

Based what t0m said, as long as we continue to release our apps open source, we can turn off the splash screen. I know how to turn it off, based on another user’s response, but the setting that turns it off is overwritten each time you save the Projucer session. Is there a way to permanently disable it? I have an app I released open-source in JUCE 4 and I want to continue releasing it open-source, so I figure it is ok to remove the Splash screen? Am I correct?

Directly in the information section next to the option for turning off the splash screen, it says that the splash screen can be disabled if the app is released under GPL v3, but I’m not given the choice to remove it in the drop-down menu.

You can compile the Projucer in “GPL mode”: change the JUCER_ENABLE_GPL_MODE precompiler variable in the Projucer’s AppConfig.h and build it yourself.

Thanks t0m, appreciate it!

Strange, I flipped the variable to 1, compiled the Projucer app, ran it, and the variables for splash screen and app data reporting are still set to 1 in my plugin appconfig file. I actually ran through the process with no luck…

Wow, its late here where I’m at. I wasn’t thinking that it didn’t automatically change it, but that it gives the user the option to change it in the settings. Got it all squared away.

I just built the Projucer with:


But after I regenerate and compile my projects with this new build I still see the splash screen? I’m working from Linux…

If you have previously saved a project with the splash screen enabled then the Projucer in “GPL mode” won’t overwrite that setting - it may be that that particular project requires a splash screen. If does, however, give you the option to disable it in the project settings.

If you open an existing project which has not been saved with the splash screen enabled, then a “GPL mode” Projucer will not enable the splash screen.

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Bingo. That was the issue. All sorted now.