How to disable splash screen for open source projects in JUCE 6?

i’m getting started with developing open projects, and hope to disable splash screen in this case. But the latest related solution is metioned in posts in 2017(JUCE 5 age) that modifying the AppConfig.h file of Projucer to turn on GPL mode, but in JUCE 6 i can’t find such a file…

No need to modify the AppConfig.h file. There’s an option in Projucer: “Display the JUCE Splash Screen”.

emmm i mean i only have a personal license but for open projects. i wonder if it is banned to disable splash screen for open projects under personal license now?

Unless I am misunderstanding things, the Splash Screen is only required for closed source applications without a paid license:
Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 15.07.17

And if you don’t have a paid license and try to disable the GPL mode while the splash screen is disabled you get a warning:
Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 15.03.26

yes, that’s weird. how to prove users are developing open source projects…
thus the question is whether it is permitted to disable the splash screen for :

  • open source apps
  • without a paid license (Personal License)

and how ?

(i remember previous posts said it was allowed & possible but it was for JUCE5)

Oh i start to understand a little bit.
so i have to turn on the GPL mode, right? how? :slight_smile:

Click on the silhouette on the upper right corner and then enable GPL mode

Notice that you are not the first one to search for this. The GPL mode is not really highlighted!

That worked. Thanks!

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The approach worked. Thanks!

that’s true…

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