Splash screen for Personal JUCE 5 license?

Applications built with the Personal license will display a splash screen “Made with JUCE” for a few seconds at launch.

Can you elaborate about that?

  1. Is that enforced in some way by the lib itself or is it left to the developer to comply with this requirement?

  2. Is the splash screen required also for audio plug-ins?

  3. Is the splash screen required also for apps deployed on Android and iOS devices?

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either way, the cost of the license to get around that requirement is a tax writeoff…

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i wish this stuff would just get posted on the site… i’ve not received any mails so all I’m getting is random bits of what people are confused about… i’m just totally confused about the confusion


same for me! Would be great to have this info on the website…

I think a newsletter has been sent only to some customers. I don’t know on which basis, but if you ask @jb1 or someone else on the juce team, they may send it to you as well. That’s what I did because I didn’t get it myself in the first place

thx - seems odd - it’s bound to get discussed as soon as these people get it but everyone else has no idea what they’re talking about…

Hey Lee, apologies the mailout did not get to you. Some e-mails have been left out in our e-mail campaign for some reason.

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@jb1 would it be possible to post the content of the email in the forum? Also didn’t get an one…

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The splash screen will be built into JUCE and will appear automatically on all platforms. You will have the option to disable it if you have the required license.

Sorry if I repeat my question but your answer is ambiguous: does that include audio plug-ins and/or mobile platforms?

So… does that include OSS projects? Doesn’t our source code already tell the world the project is running on JUCE…?

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Oh sorry - “all platforms” is a little vague.

The splash screen will appear automatically wherever any kind of GUI is displayed, including plug-ins and mobile platforms.

but we can disable this with an indie/pro license?

yes, you can disable it with an Indie or Pro license


As pointed out by chkn in the other thread, this doesn’t seem a wise decision (see quote above).

  • The Personal license is the most probable choice for a beginner to sell its first plug-ins, and as the beginner he is, you couldn’t expect solid code coming out of his hands, right?
    Think of all the newbie questions or code posted in the forum: how do you feel at the thought that JUCE is associated with the behavior of that code?
    (disclaimer: I have nothing at all against newbie questions in the forum! it’s the perfect place to ask and we’re here to help each other)

  • In addition, imagine someone recalling in its DAW a session that uses a bunch of those plug-ins. It’s bound to be splash screen hell! (plus the occasional crash).
    Are you sure you want JUCE to be associated with that?
    That sounds strange, considering that the JUCE team is often warning us agains modal behavior that gets in the way of the end user…


yeah, got the mail now, thanks jb so understand what’s what… $490 to remove a splash screen seems like money well spent to me :slight_smile:

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have to say I’m quite surprised at this move…

And we stand by those warnings completely! You should not use modal dialogs in audio plug-ins.

The splash screen will be overlaid on the plug-in’s GUI.


How the splash screen will be implemented (hopefully not with an additional static library which will required for all license types and some kind of flag)

It’s going to be in the code, not a static library.