Anyone selling plugins with "Made with JUCE" splashscreen?

I appreciate the new Personal license for businesses under $50k - but I am afraid that “Made with JUCE” splashscreen is a deal breaker for any commercial release - even small scale. It gives potential customers that “you made it with SynthEdit” feel.

I would be ECSTATIC if I sold $50k+ worth of plugins in a year but I don’t see that ever happening as a small independent guy. The JUCE developers should be rewarded for their work but, truth told, I can’t justify $420 to remove that splash screen. I’m disappointed but it seems I have no path forward with JUCE. Will have to build my plugs the hard way, I guess.

Anyone here actually selling plugins with that “Made with JUCE” splashscreen?

$35/mo is one sale if your app or plugin is $35. Don’t look at it as $420.

It’s certainly more fun to look at it as $420. heh. :sunglasses:

Edit: $35/month is more than worth it, given the amount of work the devs put into JUCE, and the incredible amount of work it saves you. Once I’m finished developing my current plug-in, I’ll definitely go Indie.

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I make simple plugs in the $5-15 range. $420 would eat up my entire profit.

Playing the devil’s advocate, if you don’t believe, that you can sell your plugin 4 times a month, maybe you shouldn’t spend your time developing it…

I would do a public beta with the splash screen, and if you get good feedback invest in the license, if not, trash or open source it…


+1 with daniel !

I may be wrong but I believe people generally know JUCE is a crossplatform C++ framework and there’s nothing wrong or work-aroundish in using it.

Some developers who no doubt have a full commercial license and sell their plugins at hundreds of dollars, like INA-GRM, mention in their About screens they are using JUCE.

However, there unfortunately is a matter that is a bit more serious with the JUCE Personal license. You not only have to let the JUCE logo splash show on the product but also allow statistics to be sent via the network from the end user’s computer. That likely is the more probable deal breaker for end users. Many don’t want to allow anything to be sent over the network without their consent. They could maybe firewall the access, but just the fact that a plugin seemingly without any reason will try to access the internet may make them not want to use the product. So, you really will also need to explain to the users what is going on with the network when using your plugin…

Yes I just found that out. I believe that’s known as “SPYWARE” and I don’t want to be part of it.

so sell 4 copies of your plugin a month to pay for the indie license, and disable that in Projucer when you create your project.

It’s not spyware if you disclose to the users what is going on. You can also determine from the JUCE source code what data is actually sent. (I know, those points don’t necessarily make the Personal license much more attractive.)

If your sales are small, just release your apps open source under the GPL. Then you can remove the splash screen and analytics in JUCE for free.

You can still sell your plugin under the GPL and no one is going to repackage your apps for free if you’re only bringing in a few thousand.