JUCE trial "Indie" purchase plan

I am sorry, probably answers for my questions could be found in juce-licence-agreement but please forgive me that.
My English language skills are really low. And in addition even in my native language I have big difficulties with reading and understanding such legal documents.

My questions:

  1. I have Juce “Personal free” subscription plan. And I’ve created some audio plugins and I wonder if “Personal free” plan allows me to sell my plugins?
  2. I would prefer to buy any plan, for example “Indie” to get rid of JUCE splashscreen. But I am afraid if people would buy my plugins and if it would be profitable for me. But “Indie” plan shortest period is for 12 months. So is there any way to buy some trial option only for one month that I can check if it’s profitable for me?

Sorry I am not good businessman and I don’t know how to handle such things. I’ve spent a lot of time and work for my plugins projects. But now I see there are much more to do to sell it. I have no idea how to do it in smart manner. Could anyone give some advice? For any help great thanks in advance. Best Regards.

I’m not from the JUCE team, so I can’t say anything about your license questions, but you might want to watch this video: Breaking into indie plug-in development

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Great video. Thanks a lot.