Another licensing question

I’m currently making a very exciting plugin, and i think it will be worthy of having a small price (e.g. £10) attached.

I’m not yet able to afford a license, but i was discussing an idea with someone interested in the plugin last night.

When the plugin is more complete, i will be able to release a demonstration of what it can do in a standalone form. People have said they’d be willing to donate money towards a license as they believe people will be happy to pay for the app, and they want to help me out.

Would i get into trouble if i released a standalone demonstration thing to get interest and donations (to test, i’m not actually expecting anything), and keep the source code, so that i can build enough money to buy a license - then i release the plugin properly, and sell it to the public?

I’m not going to do this if it’s going to get me into trouble, and even if it isn’t, i’m probably not going to do it anyway as it’s a bit weird.

But it’s an idea nonetheless and i thought i’d look into it anyway.

As such an esteemed pillar of the juce community, of course you won’t get into trouble! Looking forward to hearing what your idea is.

If it were me, I’d sue his pastell frog painting ass! :smiley:

Just for being a tease with that new plugin idea stuff.

Thanks for your support, jules. I’ll be sure to keep you up to date. This plugin should be a lot of fun to play with. I should have something for you to try (so you can get an idea what it does) fairly soon :slight_smile: