License question

This probably has a simple answer.

I’m writing a multiplayer Quiz application for use in the classroom in schools. I want to make a basic version with only one type of question (text question with text answers), which will be a free download.

After a while, i will make available an enhanced version, with different types of question (text question with image answers, image question with text answers, reaction based, etc). This i plan on making a paid-for upgrade. But i don’t plan on making it available to anybody until interest has spread (although i will probably make it clear that such an update will come).

So, i’ll be releasing a free app, which is easy enough. And, i’ll be selling an app in the future, which i can do when i can afford the license.

However, i do not want to make the source code of the free app available, as i’ve spent a lot of time making it as flexible as possible for the future question type enhancements that the majority of the work is already done. What then would be the point in me trying to charge for the enhanced version? (Of course i’m talking about very low prices!)

I think the free license may not allow me to do this. I can’t afford to get a full license until i know there’s any point. I may not end up charging anything for it anyway. All i want to do is put a basic version out for free, but keeping the source code safe for now until i can establish where i go next.

Even though the source code for my other stuff is ‘available’, i’ve rarely actually bothered putting it up for download as it’s embarassing when it’s been hacked together and not properly commented. But i’ve always said it’s available and if anyone wants it they can contact me. I figured that was acceptable with the license.

But is it acceptable for me to, if someone asks, say ‘no’?

Well the license does mean that you’re obliged to give the source to anyone who asks for it, (though I’m sure most people wouldn’t be particularly interested).

In your case I wouldn’t hassle you about licensing if you’re just starting out the project with some free versions, and I know you’d be honest about it in the future if it all goes well. If you were a big company giving out free stuff for their own promotion, it’d be different, of course!