License upgrades?

Hi Jules, basic question:

I was wondering if, should I purchase a single-app license, it would be possible to upgrade it to a multi-app license when I became ready to develop more payware applications?

Hi there. Yep, that’s cool, and a few people have done that already.

Brilliant. Hopefully I’ll be getting a loan in the next week or so to sort out my bills and get a new computer all in one go, and will probably get me a license so I can consider marketing this school quiz app I’m making for kat :smiley:

Well don’t put yourself into debt just to pay me! Get it all going first - we can get you licensed up when you start selling it!

:lol: well i think it might boost my eligibility if i say i’m required to purchase a license in order to sell my software :wink: but of course you won’t get a penny from me til i’m ready! :wink: 8) :wink: :smiley: :smiley: