What exactly is the distinction between single and multi product license?


Finally after 4 years of evenings and weekends my program is getting ready to be sent out for Alpha testing, so I need to start contemplating my Juce license purchase, as I plan on it eventually being a commercial product.

Since I discovered after the fact that children are very expensive, I'm thinking of going for the single-product license for the moment.

But, I haven't found any discussion on this forum about what exactly single-product means.

I suppose free upgrades to my program to fix bugs (1.x increments) are covered by this.

But is selling an upgrade (x.0 increment) covered, or is it considered a second product?

And, if I want to sell different versions of my program to different levels of customer (i.e. an LE version with basic features for 50€, and a PRO version for 200€), is that considered a single product still, or is it now two?

Sorry for nitpicking, but if I can avoid paying the full multi-product fee right now I'd much rather do so, nurseries are very expensive :)

Thank you!

Well, it's impossible to really define a single product in a concrete way, so it's largely up to your common-sense and conscience to decide whether it qualifies or not.. I guess it's a single product if there's one name that you can write on the contract that it will be sold as, and which isn't overly broad.

Thanks, that seems to cover all of the above quite neatly!

Finally I'm forced to decide on a name for the damn thing though :) all the good ones are taken :(