License clarification

I was just trying to understand the new license agreement.

“Minimum Commitments are based on gross revenue, meaning all monies collected, including through funding, whether it be received in connection with your JUCE Applications or not, without offsets of any kind.”

Does this mean that if someone has a job, unrelated to their weekend JUCE hobby, that pays more than $50k then they cannot use the Personal license?

“If you exceed your Revenue Limit for JUCE Personal, then your Applications will be released under the open-source GNU General Public License v.3 as described in this Agreement.”

This doesn’t look like it can be true. I think you mean ‘you must release your application under the open-source GNU GPL’ - I don’t think ‘will be released’ si right here…?

“(b) destroy all copies of the Program in your possession or control”

Surely this isn’t right either - because you are also distributing JUCE also under the GPL? So someone in breach of your commercial terms could separately continue using JUCE for other projects under the GPL?

“You may not use JUCE Personal, JUCE Indie, JUCE Pro or JUCE Education simultaneously. You may not combine or integrate your Licensee Content developed with one tier of the Code (e.g., JUCE Personal) simultaneously with any of your Licensee Content that you develop with another tier (e.g., JUCE Indie or JUCE Pro).”

Does this mean that if you do work for a company and you have a JUCE Indie license and that company has a JUCE Pro license then the freelancer needs to upgrade to JUCE Pro? I think this may be covered in another thread…

It’s also really unclear to me what ‘simultaneously’ means here. And also if ‘your’ means the specific licensee then surely breaching this clause is impossible … ?

“You may make a single copy of the Program for back-up purposes, provided that you reproduce on it all copyright and other proprietary notices that are on the original copy of the Program.”

Really? It’s available for bloody download surely from the internet, and presumably in this world of automated backups, cloud services and virtual systems people typically have way more than one copy of the software for backup… You cover this better in 2.1 anyway.

PS. I’m reading this version:


In fact, most of section 2 seems somewhat silly given that the purpose of JUCE is to be included in other programs, and that it’s distributed in source form via github. It looks like a copy and paste from a closed-source binary distribution EULA.

“not to rent, lease, sub-license, loan, translate, merge, adapt, vary or modify the Software;”

Is there a closed source bit now - maybe the live build bit this is referring to?

And this next bit, really…

“to keep all copies of the Software secure and to maintain accurate and up-to-date records of the number and locations of all copies of the Software;”

Software I take it from the definitions refers to the Projucer, so my build system generates copies of the Projucer. I can add some more code that makes a note of when it creates it … and by location do you mean location on my computer? Or physical location?

And finally - can someone clarify what this means:

“not to charge or otherwise deal in the Software or any part or interest therein except as expressly provided herein;”

Because it ain’t in english :wink: