Personal licence question - just to be really sure

G’day all,

I just have a short question to be 100% sure. From the EULA:

JUCE Personal

JUCE Personal comes with one licence seat and aims to provide individuals with the opportunity to utilize JUCE free of charge. We provide this licensing option to grow the base of developers who can engage with JUCE and explore its capabilities. To this end, there is no Minimum Commitment. However, you may only use your JUCE Personal to release Applications up to a Revenue Limit of $50,000 (USD or currency conversion equivalent). This means that if gross revenue is generated or raised by you in the amount of $50,000 or more, which is gross revenue, without offsets of any kind and based on overall monies collected, then you may only continue to release your Application in connection with your JUCE Personal licence if (a) you license your Application as an open-source project under the GNU License, as further described in clause 1.8 below, or (b) you upgrade to JUCE Indie or JUCE Pro, as applicable. If you want to distribute your Application, but don’t want to release your Application under the GNU License, then you must upgrade to either JUCE Indie or JUCE Pro.

Ok, I’m not a native English speaking person, so maybe that’s were the confusion comes from. But does that mean…

a) I’m allowed to release close-source projects as long as my gross revenue is < 50.000$ and I’m OK with the splash screen and analytics tracking. If the revenue is > 50.000$ I must switch to open-source or upgrade to Indie / Pro.

b) I’m never allowed to release close-source projects with the Personal licence, even when the revengue is < 50.000$ and I show the splash screen etc…

Thanks in advance

Yes, if you abide by the terms of the Personal license then you may keep your software closed-source. However, if you no longer qualify for the personal license (e.g. if you hit the revenue limit, or wish to disable the splashscreen) you must switch to a suitable license.

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If you are using JUCE 6, rather than JUCE 5, then there is no analytics collection from your software.

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Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I was never sure if this clause in the license means:

  • $50k gross total from selling plugins


  • $50k gross total personal income from any source (such as day job, selling plugins, side-hustle at weekends, Patreon etc. etc.)

My assumption is that whomever is the legal entity entering into the license agreement is who’s income becomes relevant. So a personal license would apply for all personal income, if paying for a license with a legal company then it is the company’s revenues that are relevant.

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Your assumption is correct.

From the EULA:

12.16. Revenue Limit: the total gross annual revenue limit in USD (or the currency conversion equivalent thereof), of a business, whether it be a sole trader, team, or registered company, which shall be calculated as any and all revenue raised, donated towards, earned, or otherwise received in connection with your business, whether or not in connection with your Applications, before your JUCE licence requires either payment or separate license terms.

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