Free, closed source, no data collection - is that right?

I apologize for asking what I’m sure many consider has been asked and answered, but I’m searching here like crazy and I’m not seeing it laid out explicitly. I’ve also been away from JUCE for a year or so, partially because of what I’m asking about.

If I understand correctly, JUCE 6 can be used by anyone making < $50,000 a year from it, in a closed-source project, with none of that anonymous “don’t worry about what data it is, we told you it’s anonymous” data collection from Projucer or the end user. Do I understand correctly?
So now anyone can use JUCE 6 for free if:

  1. They release their project GPLv3, in which case they can remove and modify anything, including splash screen.
  2. The make <$50,000 a year with JUCE AND their application displays a “Made with JUCE” splash screen. In this case, the project can be closed source and have no “don’t worry” data collection.

And am I correct in that, if a Personal License user makes $50,001 a year from other sources, this does not affect the JUCE license? Asking for an imaginary friend.

It’s laid out explicitly in the EULA:

You should look under the sections “JUCE Personal” and the term “Revenue Limit”.

The only inaccuracy in your summary is that the revenue limit is the overall revenue (income and any other source of funding) of the entity holding the licence, not just the revenue generated from the use of JUCE.

I’m glad that our change in direction has brought you back to JUCE. The JUCE team were always firmly against having the data collection in there, but our then-owners ROLI forced our hand. We now have much more freedom in how we operate.


Thank you, t0m. I had read the EULA, of course. It contains no mention of the absence of data collection requirements. I don’t recall if the presence of those requirements was mentioned in the previous EULA. I recall I needed help even figuring out how to disable it for the GPL license. For me, the license is step number 0, before I even download.
Glad to be back.

They were like:
“You could have Spam, ROLI, JUCE, and Spam. That’s not got much Spam in it…”