Questions about the personal license

Hi, I have some questions about the great new personal license model.

  • Is it sure that (assuming the 50k $ boundary) future releases of JUCE stay free to use, closed source and at this income boundary ? I don’t want to run into the situation that I am forced to update my projects to a paid license. Or could I at least use JUCE 5 for many years without a change of the license model for it ?
  • what kind of data is transmitted to JUCE with this license model, is it anonymous, how much data volume is it and what are you doing with this data ?
  • is a internet connection for the developer/end user (audio-plugin user) obligatory to use this license model ?
  • is AAX included in the license and more important will it stay included in the current / future releases ?

Thank you !

  • The terms of the JUCE 5 license cover the JUCE code in the JUCE 5 state. If you don’t move from this state, the terms will stay the same.

  • You can inspect the data yourself: . The data goes to Google Analytics.

  • An internet connection is not required, but deliberately sabotaging a JUCE app’s ability to connect to the internet would be against the rules.

  • AAX is included, and I can’t see any reason why that would change.

Neither did we, until ROLI attempted to do that when previewing license terms for JUCE 5 :wink:

So for an Android app, not adding the android.permission.INTERNET permission in your manifest is considered sabotage correct? :slight_smile: (just clarifying for others that read this)

EDIT - For others on Android < 23, this would have their http request silently fail.

I think it’s fair to say that that would be cheating!

For this reason I really think this needs to be in the tier features along side the splash screen.

Thank you Tom, that’s great, you’re doing an awesome job here for the community. Just to be sure: in case of an one person show, the 50k $ limit is really refered to the whole income of this person - not only the JUCE-related income ? Before tax or after tax ?

You should read the licensing terms, it’s all in there:

  • Minimum Commitments are based on gross revenue, meaning all monies collected, including through funding, whether it be received in connection with your JUCE Applications or not, without offsets of any kind.

“Without offsets of any kind” is the key phrase here.