JUCE 5 Licensing - What We Know [Community Edition]

Note for people arriving from Google or who don’t regularly visit the forums: I don’t work for ROLI, I’m just a JUCE community member/enthusiast tracking the JUCE 5 licensing.

ROLI folks, feel free to edit this post or call me out on any inaccuracies - I’m trying to get the facts straight for myself and others who rely on JUCE.

There’s a lot of information scattered all over the forum right now - I’m attempting to eliminate the confusion here by collecting everything the JUCE team has shared with us thus far re: the new licensing for JUCE.

FWIW, I personally think this is an extremely fair new system that benefits both ROLI and end developers. I have never been more excited to use JUCE as a zero-budget OSS developer hoping to ship commercial products with JUCE in the future.

First of all, here’s the updated licensing email that I believe has been sent to everyone at this point (direct link):


Originally, people were freaking out (justifiably so) because AAX support was being removed from all licenses but Pro. As can be seen in the current version of the email and as told by @jb1 , this is no longer the case:

Another concern was the vague description of the splash screen for Personal + Education licensing, which @jules cleared up (be sure to expand for the whole post):

I think past that, things are stated pretty clearly by the latest email; Android + iOS support is included for all customers, JUCE 3/4 license paths, etc. It’s unfortunate that so much confusion has been generated by ROLI backpedaling in response to customer backlash toward the first crappy iteration of the license (almost like echoes of JUCE 4’s launch!), but hopefully it’s stabilized now.

Also, at this point nothing has been shared with us re: new features past stuff we’ve already seen in late-stage JUCE 4 (C++11/14, Bluetooth LE).

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FYR. ROLI updated the licensing table with new Mailchimp link:

might i add that it contains some more odious anti-features as well - such as “We may collect and process information about you and your use of our Program, some of which may amount to personal data. ROLI may also collect IP addresses associated with your end-users’ use of your Application”

fork anyone?

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