JUCE license pricing

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your patience while we worked out the details of the license pricing. We would like to share with you some highlights of the upcoming changes for the pricing model of JUCE, which we've announced at NAMM 2016. All prices are in US Dollars, but we'll add more currencies in the coming months. 

Important notes

  • The information below is subject to changes
  • The frequency of major JUCE updates is set to 12-18 months
  • The new licensing model will be rolled out along with automatic payments in the next 4-6 weeks, and in the meantime, you can upgrade manually by contacting us: sales@juce.com

JUCE Indie - $49.95 / month or $999

The JUCE Indie license will be priced at $49.95 / month or at $999 paid once. It will include deployment on all platforms (desktop and mobile) and access to the Projucer. This offer is strictly reserved to sole traders, i.e. people running a business as individuals. If you work as part of a team, you will need to switch to a Professional license.


JUCE Professional - $49.95 / month or $999 per developer. $29.95 / month or $599 for each of iOS and Android. 

The JUCE Professional license will be priced at $49.95 / month or $999 paid once, per developer, and includes the Projucer. It will not include deployment on iOS and Android, which are priced each at $29.95 / month or $599 paid once, per developer. 

Incremental discounts will apply for teams starting at 5 people. 


JUCE Education - Free under GPL, Projucer sold at $139 per seat

JUCE can be used for free for teaching, and the Projucer can be purchased separately at $139 per seat, instead of $199. 

Education institutions that wish to release closed-source products will benefit from a 30% discount of the Pro License, per developer. 


Projucer - $199

The Projucer will be sold for $199, though note that it is included with every paid license to the exception of customers with a V3 license that is inclusive of JUCE 4.x (licenses purchased between November 2013 and 04/04/2015). 



Upgrade from JUCE 3 licenses inclusive of JUCE 4.x

Upgrades are free, though are not including the Projucer. 

Upgrade from JUCE 3 licenses subscribed between 05 April 2015 and Oct 2015

$599 or 6 months free then $49.95 / month for the Indie license of JUCE 4

$599 or 6 months free then $49.95 for the Pro license of JUCE 4, $399 or $19.95 / month for each of iOS and Android (per developer)

Upgrade from JUCE licenses subscribed before November 2013

$799 or 3 months free then $49.95 / month for the Indie license of JUCE 4

$799 or 3 months free then $49.95 / month for the Pro license of JUCE 4, $599 or $29.95 / month for each of iOS and Android (per developer)



Crossgrade from JUCE 4 Indie to JUCE 4 Pro

Valid only after 12 months, and for one developer: $499 for Desktop + $299 for each of iOS and Android

Any new developer added to the team will need to pay the normal price

Crossgrade from JUCE 3 single product to JUCE 3 multi products

This is the only price that is not in US Dollars: GBP £349 





As a sole trader, I'm glad I waited. I hope you can work something out for those who bought in already at full cost.

Thanks JB

Can you verify that all the current Pro bullet points will still apply to the new Pro plan?

• Full access to the Projucer
• Own Grapefruit JUCE and Projucer forever
• Updates of 4.x included
• Upgrade starting at $599
• Priority support on the forum
• Commercial use of the library
• Access to consultancy services



Hi Rail,

Yes, all those bullet points will still apply. 

Awesome news! Thanks for the update and the fact you did listen to our complaints. For me it's time to finally try the Projucer now.

Thanks a lot for the news !

Thanks guys, appreciate this, it feels much better now. Its good timing as my product is very close to being ready for alpha testing.

Thanks for listening to the community and following through on this. The mobile pricing is a lot more reasonable now IMO, and I (and I'm sure many others) greatly appreciate the timetable of major releases. Looking forward to purchasing a license.

This is great news. Thank you. I'm also pretty certain it will help spread the Juce even further.

Thank you!

Thank you!

I feel a lot more comfortable now getting started with the monthly license and having a logical path forward after a year.

Hi JB,

Is the "per month" still on a subscription basis / for a minimum of 12 months?


Hi Rusty,

You now have the option to pay monthly or as a one-off for both the Indie and Pro licenses. The monthly subscription still has a minimum of 12 months, yes. 

Thanks, I'll relay that on.

great news :D

seems much more reasonable now 

Great that you listened to probably nearly all complaints of your community and customers!

Just wanted to let you know that, as a newbie to JUCE, I was closely watching the license changes and all the (valid) complaints and discussions.

I am planning to found a company with products probably based on JUCE and I was wondering if I really should rely on JUCE.
Now I have more trust again!


So https://www.juce.com/get-juce will be updated? This page is the only available information if you don't have an account, and it has a lot of missing information (eg. per-platform licensing, which I would say is an important detail).

And also, since Android and iOS each require an additional license, what improvements on these platforms are there in the pipeline?

JUCE is designed for desktops. Right now it runs on mobile but it is that experience of running Windows XP on a tablet all over again. Eg if you show some large image in a Viewport in your program, you have to drag the slider knobs to move the image. Of course there is an extra cost of developing for these platforms, but isn't it a bit early to charge extra money?



Improvements for Android and iOS are very much in the pipeline, in fact that's one of the things we are focusing most on at the moment. Significantly improving the mobile experience for JUCE developers is very much our goal. It obviously takes some time to develop all this stuff, especially with such a small team as ours.

Also, a first version of scroll-on-drag for Viewports was added a few days ago! Could you check it out and see if it works better for you than dragging the slider knobs?

(you activate this by calling Viewport::setScrollOnDragEnabled (true)).

The first and most following posts do not clarify the license for me.
Needless to say, it raised two questions.

1. What about open source? If you were to develop a product that is completely and solely open source and free, what license (if any) should be applied? According to https://www.juce.com/get-juce as long as you provide full source code it's all fine and dandy.
It also says under GNU GPL license that we are not allowed to make changes to the source code of juce if we were to publish a product using a modified Juce, even open source. I'd like some additional information on that. Does that mean if I were to publish free source code I'll need to ask ROLI Ltd first?

2. There is an 'educational' type license. Would that mean that anyone who teaches someone for free (assuming they are doing it on a free basis, goodwill), would need this person require this license?

Hi Marco,

Thank you for your questions. 

Regarding open source, could you clarify which section of the GNU GPL you are referring to from this document http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html? GPL can be quite confusing...

With regards to teaching with JUCE, there is no license required, and we rather encourage anyone (instution or individuals) to teach C++ using JUCE. The discounted Education license is for the case where an institution choses to release programs as closed source, or wants to use the full version of the Projucer in class rooms. If you are teaching yourself outside of a traditional education curriculum, and interested to get a Projucer license, do get in touch with us.