Revenue/funding limit and minimum commitment


Hi all,

I have a question about Personal/free license of JUCE. In the “Get JUCE” page I see that this kind of license is reserved for personal use and open-source projects. But in this case, I can’t understand why there are revenue/funding limit and minimum commitment fields too and what they means.

Any explanation would be appreciated.


The revenue limit means that you can use the Personal license as long as your total annual revenue and/or funding is below $50k, once it is above this you are required to purchase an Indie or Pro license both of which have a minimum commitment of 12 months subscription. There is no minimum commitment for a Personal license as it is free.

Does this make sense?


Yes, it makes sense.
Anyway for Indie or Pro license I can make a one-off payment for a single developer, that is, I can pay just one time and I can use that kind of license forever, right?


Yes you can purchase a perpetual license but it will only be valid for the current version of JUCE.


Ok, thank you very much for your clearness.