Commercial License Upgrade

In the near future, I will upgrade from single product license v2 to unlimited product license v3. 
Is the total cost for this upgrade £548 (£199+£349) or just £349.

( £199 is the price for single product upgrade from v2 to v3 )


I hadn't really thought about that combination! Erm.. I guess it'd be the combination of both, but let's round it down to £499..

What do you recommend if I am planning to release one plugin in some 4-5 months and (perhaps) another one later this year? Start with a single product license?

I was planning to get a commercial license once I got enough confidence in being able to pull it off, which I am sure of know.

I was not aware of the single product restriction, my bad :-P  Cheers

Up to you how you do it, really.. Whatever suits your business model, I guess!

Check your license agreement, it probably says something about it covering versions up to and including Juce 3.x. So unless you bought Juce long long ago, it should be just £349.