[updated] Juce 3 license (covering Juce 4) to Juce 5?


first: congratulations with the Juce 5 release, guys!

I have a question about possible upgrade plans from Juce 3 (covering Juce 4) to either Juce 5 Indie or Juce 5 Pro?
Is there a discount for either of these 2 upgrade paths?




OK, Jean-Baptiste @jb1 just posted the answer to this question in this post:

So I just went ahead and bought the perpetual Indie license.

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you beat me to it, Koen, thanks!

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For anyone reading this:

On May 18th 2017 ROLI sent out an email with a special offer for Juce 3 licensees: there now is a special price when you upgrade from Juce 3 to Juce 5, so the above info is not correct any longer. The current price is 599 USD (Indie) or 999 USD (Pro).

I have updated the post title as well.