[Solved] How to switch to the Indie license from JUCE 4 to JUCE 5?

Congrats on releasing JUCE 5! :slight_smile:

And thanks for making the new licensing model, which gives a fair chance for everyone to start.

I am currently subscribed to the the Indie plan for JUCE 4 and would like to know how to switch to the new version?


  • Ooops, sorry, I got all excited and I totally missed the FAQ section:

“You can tell us at any time that you want to switch to JUCE 5 and we’ll adjust the monthly payments”


Actually, can you [unsolve] the question? :slight_smile:
I have an indie license to juce4 too - what would the upgrade price be to juce5 indie?

There shouldn’t be a difference in the upgrade price if it’s a monthly subscription. @jb1 can you, please confirm this.

There are indie licenses to juce 4 that are not subscriptions but perpetual (for 4) - hence my question!

Dude, have you seen how I answered my own question there?
Try doing the same. :slight_smile:

“I registered a perpetual license of JUCE 4, can I upgrade to JUCE 5?”

Yes, the upgrade to JUCE 5 for owners of a perpetual JUCE 4 license is discounted by 30%. For JUCE 4 users upgrading to JUCE 5 Indie costs $490, and upgrading to JUCE 5 Pro costs $910. Contact the sales team to upgrade (sales@juce.com)."

Ah! Thanks! I missed that!

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Yes that’s correct, there’s no upgrade price as such for monthly subscribers.

However, customers on a monthly license used to pay $49.95, and they will have to choose between Indie ($35) and Pro($65). We’ll adjust that manually and are inviting customers to contact us to adjust their subscriptions.

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