Help needed on upgrading form JUCE 4 license to JUCE 5

HI there, I need some help to upgrade our JUCE 4 license to JUCE 5. Our JUCE 4 perpetual license was purchased on Dec 2014 with a signed License Form, and all these had been done through email communication. Now when trying to follow the procedure in the Web site to upgrade to JUCE 5, it keep saying the email address is NOT associated an eligible license.

Can anyone help me on this.

Probably not really the community, that can help. Did you try to mail or Jean-Baptiste @jb1 directly?

I tried but no reply. I will try Jean-Baptiste@jb1 then. Many thanks!

Not sure where you’re based or how long ago you sent the email, but keep in mind they read and respond in London, UK business time.

Neither of those emails exist… Try !

Funny, I communicated with JB and with Ian a year ago via that address.
But thanks for letting us know, will update my contacts…

Thanks to all for your help. The did work and now someone is helping me. seems to have existed once:

You might want to at least change it in this thread as the thread is still more or less active.

1 Like does exist :slight_smile:
We’ve now resolved Eddie’s issue. Thanks all!