Request to have my website featured

Hi JUCE team,

I’ve recently finished creating my first commercial plugin with JUCE! It is called 3DAudio and it allows you to produce surround sound audio for any ordinary pair of headphones. Details and download are at

Would you guys mind putting a link to my website ( up on your made with juce page (

P.S. JUCE is really a great library and I’m looking forward to getting to know it more and use it better for my next project. Thanks for the work you guys do!


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One of the first commercial products I’ve seen which released the source code under GPL to get around the licensing costs. Interesting!

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Yep, we’ll see how it goes! Other than bypassing the licensing cost, I think its possible that open source plugins could catch on and users might enjoy having access to modify functionality. Might as well be one of the early birds in that domain.