Incompatible License? HELP!

I inherited a JUCE project from another developer. When I attempt to open the .jucer project, I get an “incompatible license” error with save and export disabled. I’ve tried downloading both “educational” and “personal” but I still get the same message.

Is the license tied or somehow embedded into the .jucer file? Is there any way to change or transfer it? I don’t want to have to redo the work that has been done to date.

It is possible that we already have a license - if so, how to I transfer it to my computer? (Mac and Windows).


If you are using a personal or educational licence, you are required to enable the JUCE splash screen in the project settings. If you have an Indie or Pro JUCE 6 licence then you can log in to this account in the Projucer and you will be able to disable the splash screen.

You can use GPL mode also. :grinning: