Starting a New Project the JUCE Way

I’ve been looking through the docs and the discussion and as someone just starting with JUCE, I’d like a quick summary of the updated/current views on JUCE development in general. What’s the current “best practice” for developing a new app?

Specifically, should it start with JUCER?

And then should JUCER used to maintain the project going forward? From some of the postings here, it seems was/is the general recommended approach. Correct?

What are you using for code editors on Windows (Visual Studio)?

And finally, the licensing stuff. I’m working on a project I hope to be able to sell as a commercial product, eventually, however for months, or years, I expect it to be a hobbyist/home project. I’m a 25+ year software developer starting this as a home project, hoping I can use JUCE to propel it forward for multiple platforms at an accelerated rate. JUCE seems perfect for it. However, I’m assuming that I can use JUCE, for free, while developing it, but will need to purchase a commercial license prior to the first sale. Is this correct? (I’m hesitant to spend the large personal license cost for this “hobbyist” home project until I have something in-hand that I think is finally worth selling.)

Thanks for your assistance on this. Looks like a great development platform, and community here.

Yes, I think the new Jucer is the way to do it now - although it’s still in development, I’m using it to manage all my projects, and it’s been working great so far.

Yep. The GPL specifically lets you use the code privately - you’d only need a commercial license if you want to distribute a binary file without the accompanying source-code.

Glad you’re enjoying it!

Thanks for the info on general approaches and on the licensing. This is the ideal environment for me.

Yes, Day One and I’m loving it. And I’m finding at each step that it is considerably easier and well-planned than I expected. I’m almost embarrassed to use JUCE because you’ve already handled most of the hard parts.

But one question on the “new” Jucer…

Does that refer to the one I can currently download in the 1.51 zip file as juce\extras\prebuilt\jucer.exe, or is that one the old one? i.e. Do I already have the new one?

From the perspective of a new user, there is only one Jucer (above), so I’d like to confirm that I’m on-course. :slight_smile: Thanks again!

Both the new and old jucers are in the download, but only the old one is a pre-built exe, you have to compile the new one yourself.

Sorry that it’s a bit confusing to have two of them at the moment! As soon as the new one can replace all the old functionality it’ll take over and life will be simple again!

Thanks, I found it and built it and yes it’s clearly a new version, with a lot of new functionality.

For any other developers starting out with JUCE and reading this, it’s in the folder under “extras” named “Jucer (experimental)” and reports 3.0.0 in the titlebar when run.

Understood. I just wanted to make things were as they should be before I get in too deep with one tool or another.