Open source projects and Projucer

I downloaded Juce recently to try my hand at building a VST plugin, with the intention of releasing it for free. I understand that Juce is free to use for open source projects, but I am less clear about the relationship between Juce and Projucer, and whether Projucer is free to use too?

When I registered Projucer on its first run, there was a “thanks for registering” message that said something along the lines of “your registration will expire in Jan 2017”, which sounds like a one month free trial.

Will I be able to continue using Projucer indefinitely, or should I be looking at another editor for working on Juce open-source projects?

The live-build engine is not open-source and will stop working in January 2017. The rest of the Projucer however is open-source and will continue to run. You do not need the live-build engine to build VST plug-ins etc… It’s main intention is to facilitate the prototyping of GUI components.

Thanks, that’s good to know!