License cancellation and Projucer

Hi Guys,

I’m debating cancelling my JUCE indie license for the time being as I’m not currently doing any commercial work with JUCE and have ever increasing bills thanks to a new house!

My question is what is the situation with the Windows Projucer version at the moment ?

I know that the Projucer was free for use on Windows for a while. Is this still the case ?

Also, how would I actually go about ending my license. Believe it is just rolling now as my initial 12 months have passed.


Hi there,

If you don’t currently have a closed-source software distributed, you can cancel your subscription by sending us an e-mail at

Regarding Projucer on Windows, with an active license you will continue to have access to the Live coding engine, but otherwise you will have access only to the project management features.

Hope that helps

Cheers JB.

I shall mull over it.