JUCE License annual renewal

Hi JB and co.

Quick question. What is the situation regarding license renewals ?

I currently have a desktop license which I purchased primarily for access to the Projucer ICE dll and for potential commercial development but with everything else I’m doing work wise I only really develop open source and academic applications with JUCE.

I develop almost solely on Linux now and live compiling isn’t currently available. When it comes to the point to renew my license will I simply be on a rolling contract until I somehow notify you of the fact that I wish to terminate my Indie license ?

Can you just explain how terminating the license would work ?

*Please note this is not a question due to JUCE dissatisfaction (except maybe for the slightly lower level of Linux goodies/support), JUCE still rules. Just might be a bit of a waste for me to be paying our for an Indie license at this point.


Hi there,

Thank you for subscribing to the Indie license. Yes, the license will be extended after 12 months, giving you access to all changes (in particular, you’ll get automatically upgraded to JUCE 5).

I completely understand your position though, if you’re not releasing a commercial app just yet, or can’t use the Projucer. We can discuss options over e-mail if you’d like.


Cheers JB,

I’ve a few months left on my subscription so if things change in the meantime (i.e. ICE on Linux and commercial app time) I’ll keep things rolling but good to know I can contact you to terminate if necessary.