Any chance to support PulseAudio in JUCE?

Hi Julian!

I see the promising PulseAudio architecture is getting more popular among many Linux and other OS distributions. It has many interesting features. So, is there any chance to get a support for it in JUCE in the nearest future? People say it has an architecture that resembles CoreAudio on Mac OS X.


* Library licensed under LGPL and server daemon under GPL
* Extensible plugin architecture (by loading dynamic loadable modules with dlopen())
* Support for static linking of modules, allowing a single binary for all your needs
* Module autoloading
* Support for more than one sink/source
* Good low latency behaviour
* Very accurate latency measurement for playback and recording.
* Client side latency interpolation
* Embeddable into other software (the core is available as C library)
* Completely asynchronous C API, complemented by two synchronous variants for simple use in synchronous applications
* Simple command line interface for reconfiguring the daemon while running
* Flexible, implicit sample type conversion and resampling
* "Zero-Copy" architecture
* May be used to combine multiple sound cards to one (with sample rate adjustment)
* Ability to fully synchronize multiple playback streams 

PulseAudio is intended to provide lower latency than the software mixers dmix and esd.

Supported Operating Systems

* Linux (any modern distribution)
* Solaris
* FreeBSD
* Native Win32 (no cygwin) [/quote]

Sorry, but I think pulseaudio is one more tool for the linux babylonia confusion. It is never similar to core audio, it is one more useless and bad designed soundserver, a crap. For pro audio we have the alsa based JACK, thats more then enough for music. All serious linux pro audio apps use JACK. For consumer apps the ALSA api is more then enough. Kunitoki from justice has already added successful JACK support to JUCE.

Now I see. Thanks.