Sound on linux

Hello everybody
After many months (years) without Juce, i start again with this fantastic lib !
I’m now on linux. I compile everything, and all it’s allright.
Juce demo sound didn’t work if i have any other sound system open (for example Rhythmbox, to listen to music). Is it “normal” ?
And, on ubuntu, in sound-menu -> application, i didn’t see juce demo. (see screenshot), normal or not ?

Juce is not using pulseaudio like the other apps in Ubuntu are.
IIRC, there is no Pulseaudio driver for Juce (JackAudio and Alsa are the only supported).
Either you write your own driver (and post it here so Julian can probably include it in the main distribution), either you try to hack with a ALSA-to-pulseaudio approach, with this package:
“aptitude install pulseaudio-alsa”

Thanks for this answer. I will write my software, and maybe after, look to this hack, or this new driver