Anyone noticed hi cpu on the vst from JucePluginFramework?


hi to all.
i have tried to compile juce 1.17 and the plugin framework 1.2, for making a vst. i have loaded it into fl studio and tracktion and it works well, apart from some stuckness in the gui (it seems that sucks too much cpu). in fact, looking the task manager while dragging the slider, or while playing the host, i notice that the cpu usage for the host go up to 50% while the cpu usage in the audio part is < 1%…
i’ve tried to remove the whole component repaint() in the DemoEditorComponent::updateParametersFromFilter() but none different happened. seems that something bad is eating too much cpu.
anyone ? any workaround ?



the demo isn’t designed to be efficient and it just repaints the whole component constantly, which will eat up CPU.

It’s not a problem with the framework or juce though (PPMulator runs very well…) so you just need to write an efficient UI for your plugin.


ok jules. i’ve to investigate tho. and rewrite most of the DemoCompEditor.
thanx for the clarify



i’ve fixed the editor. now it works very very well. was that setSize stuff that was repainting every milliseconds. very weird. now it works like a ferrari… thanx for the tip jules ! so codecodecode…