Juce for plugin GUI only

Hi Guys,

I’m just having my first dabble with this very interesting looking set of tools and I’ve a quick question:

Has there been any projects that have used Juce for the GUI section only of a VST plugin? ie Just as a replacement for VSTGUI. I may at some point down the line dive into the complete Audio framework, but for just now I’d like to stick with the VSTSDK for the effect part of my plugin.

I’ve been looking through the JAP framework to try and extract the relevant code but it seems quite integrated into the wrapper itself. I guess what I’m looking for is a kind of minimal set of code to interface with the AEffEditor and attach an editor window to the parent.

I’m relatively new to coding but I’ve managed to get a similar minimal setup working using wxWidgets, so I have some understanding of the steps involved.

Thanks in advance,


It’d be very fiddly and bug-prone to extract the code yourself to do this, and I’m not sure why it’d be worth the trouble… What are your reasons for not just using the JAP framework’s audio callback as well as the UI? I’d have thought that it’d be trivial to move your audio processing code from a VST’s process() method into the JAP’s process callback, but vastly harder to re-engineer the whole GUI layer just to keep your existing process() code.

Hi Jules,

Thanks for your swift reply.

I guess there’s two reasons, the first is purely educational, I’m in the process of learning the VST spec and how to implement GUIs so I’m looking to work with a minimal setup just to make it easier to see how everything interacts and works. Secondly, there seems to be a lot of chatter about using vst’s on Linux at the moment, so one of my aims is to provide the plugin I’m designing with a GUI for Linux, and as far as I can tell neither the JAP framework nor VSTGUI support this.

It’s not essential, just a query, I’ll be more than happy to work with the framework and the same time try to achieve this myself.

Thanks again,


The JAP would actually be great for building linux VSTs, it’d just need a few tweaks to the UI code to get it working. I’m too busy at the moment… I was kind of hoping some linux enthusiasts would have had a go at it by now!