How to add GUI to an existing VST audio plugin


I have been given source code to an existing VST audio plugin and asked to create a new GUI for it.

I have created a VST audio plugin with JUCE before but, that incorporated my own GUI with JUCE.

I see there is a VSTPluginFormat but I have no idea how to use it. My thought was that I could write a JUCE GUI and load the existing vst dll and pass it the parameters needed to work with it.

Can someone point me to an example, tutorial, or tell me if my idea is wrong and point me in a direction on how to proceed.

Thank you,

If you have the original source code then it should be pretty simple to convert it(I assume?). Just create a basic JUCE plugin and start copying things over. juce::AudioProcessor will provide you with an interface to any of the functions found in the AudioEffect class. AudioProcessor::processBlock() is JUCE’s AudioEffect::processReplacing(), once you’ve copied your processing code over to there all you need to do is develop your AudioProcessorEditor. I know I’m making it sound easy, and I guess there is a bit of work in it, but I can’t see how it would present too many problems. Oh, MIDI stuff may need a little reworking, as processReplacing() doesn’t take MIDI data, while processBlock() does…

Yes, it did sound easier but after a lot of teeth gnashing and hair pulling, that’s what I did and got it working!


In the long run you’ve probably saved yourself a lot of work!