Newbie in VST GUI needs advice!


Upon advice from ost12666 I’m no writting my questions here instead of at KvR - Thanks for your kind help.

I’m working on a rather big VST project (noise reduction system) in which I have no GUI available. This I have to take care of since it is no more
sufficient to analyze input output relations of my algorithm(s) and a debugging window would be very nice and later I will need a GUI.

I’ve downloaded the JUCE source and compiled it using
which works flawlessly. I’ve also been able to compile the JuceDemo which is a very nice appetizer. I also inspected the source
code of the JUCE demo and I found it quite readable. Now, as a first task I would like to open a JUCE window when I load my VST plug-in in Tracktion
but I don’t how this can be achieved. At which point in my VST project can I instigate such a window? - or is it the other way around
that I should use a JUCE project as a start and include my algorithm in there.

I think that if any of you could mail me a very simple source project
(like Again in the VST SDK package) where the parameter can be adressed from a “JUCE-slider” I can get the idea.

I’m sorry if this question is very trivial, but I haven’t done any API programming before.

Thomas Stoltz

p.s. I would also like to thank Jules (author of JUCE) for providing us with the source code of JUCE - and of course the sequencer Tracktion (and
yes I’m doing my best to let friends, collegues and all people that I meet know about Tracktion). :slight_smile: