JUCE as gui helper in a DLL?

I hope to use JUCE for a couple of GUI widgets in a windows VST plugin, which is otherwise already written. By that I mean it defines its window and draws graphics as it must ALREADY. I hope to just “add” use of a few GUI widgets without having to rework too much.

My needs are lightweight: I can’t use a DocumentWindow, and for now I don’t think I want an AudioProcessorEditor. I could use Button, Slider, TextEditor, PopupMenu etc.

I’d appreciate a pointer to a relevant sample, or any clues. Thanks!

Unless you let juce manage the window itself, you’re going to have a hell of a hard time integrating it! Probably easier to integrate your own gui bits into a juce plugin.

Suppose I want to let JUCE create & manage a window owned by a DLL. Nothing to do with audio plugins. What’s the minimal init and release look like then?

“owned by a dll”? What do you mean?

Take a DLL containing code to support some object, and have an application use the dll and instantiate the object and use it for awhile and delete it. And in its lifetime that object creates a window and uses it and eventually destroys it, without the application dealing with any of it.

That window is an example of what I meant when I said “a window owned by a dll”.

well that’s pretty straightforward - same as doing a VST or some other kind of juce DLL.