VSTSDK starting Jucer

I’m trying to figure out how to get a VSTSDK project to open the schnazzy Jucer GUI instead of that dorky default one, but I’m quite confused.

Is it the same thing as running the Juce framework - creating a subclass of JUCEApplication, then using the macro, after which I can create an instance of the GUI? If so, I’m just doing it in the wrong place (or missing a #include), otherwise I’m doing the wrong thing.

And how do I turn off the cheezy looking VSTSDK default? With the number of parameters I have, it goes off the bottom of the screen, so I can’t even use it for testing.

Admittedly I’m rusty on my programming, coming from the paleolithic pre-library days where I’d scroll through the file (file, singular), find the parts that did stuff, hack them to pieces and test the results. In C++ I’m convinced that the files that actually do anything are hidden, encrypted and possibly randomly generated!

That all sounds a bit muddled, and I’m not quite sure what you’re asking… To do a juce VST, you should download the Juce audio plugin wrapper and follow the instructions in there. It’s not the same as writing a standalone app.

I know the feeling. 'Cept juce’s source often makes sense. So much so that I’m often wondering where the real source is.

Anyway. I suppose you could use Juce as a gui lib with a plain VST SDK deal, but that is an untried path and it is likely to land you in confusion.

Go with Juce’s Audio plugin framework. Once you get going you’ll be able to use Jucer GUIs pretty easily.