Hello forum,

Newbie here (8 hours old).

I have read through tutorials, have introjucer and jucer built and working properly. I am working on a VST plugin. I created the audio plugin demo but, have a few questions. Here they go:

  1. How do I use Jucer to add gui components to my vst plugin?

  2. Is there a tutorial on how to use the Jucer component graphical editor?

  3. Does Jucer create seperate components that I have to manually incorporate into my vst plugin project or can I use Jucer to work directly on my current project? If so, how?

Thank you,

Okay, after a few more minutes of searching I found partially my answers. Someone please tell me if I am wrong.

I create my own components using the JUCE components or I can make custom controls. Jucer will spit out header and transformation files for me. I then add those to my project.

However, when I just tried making a component. JUCER would not save the files to the directory I chose.

Can anyone tell me why that is?


Okay, I see that 70+ people view my posts but no replies.

More searching and I have come across this posting and will give it a shot…


My problem may be that I’m using the “experimental jucer.”

I’ll try to follow the posting that I came across and see if things work.

Following the previous post lead me to this post, and I believe my problems are solved and questions answered.


First I had to set my Jucer preferences to point to the correct template. Since I am using VS10 (visual studio 10.0) it had my jucer pointing to the wrong templates. I changed to point to …

\juce\extras\the jucer\src\templates

Next, I learned from the link post above that the demojucer PluginEditor.cpp file was created by hand and thus the reason why the jucer could not open the file. I downloaded the pluginEditor zip file from the above post and replaced the PluginEditor and now I can open in the Jucer and begin my learning.

Thank you and perhaps this will help others with similar questions.

Now off to Juce!