Anyone using Windows Vista for development?

Anyone using Windows Vista for development?

Just thinking of installing Vista on my laptop and wanted to know if I have to watch out for any gotchas in terms of Visual Studio 2005 on Vista or VS2008 dev stuff.

Also want to know if you’ve had the pleasure of working on Vista, how does it compare to XP?

Bunch of my friends are telling me to wait for Windows 7, looks like it’s the same as Vista. I’m completely fine with using Windows XP for another 10 years but Microsoft won’t be supporting in the near future.

Thoughts, Suggestions…

i have to use Vista, cause my Vaio laptop does not support XP, you can’g get all the drivers. Vista is ok, you just need enough resources to run it, i got a core2duo and 3gb of ram and it’s all smooth, i also have a desktop with 1gb of ram and i get audio buffer underruns in my ASIO driver, so that’s not enough. if you got the RAM/CPU there is no difference, if you don’t, don’t do it you will regret it.

I tried Vista, and it only used 300MB (only is saying that 1GB should be ok). You just have to turn off Aero.

the OS will only use 300MB but what about other applications (my firefox can eat up to 300MB and VS propably more).

Yeah i turned off aero after the first boot i hate that look.