APP (AKA context-menu)-key?

Guys, I want to implement the following so when the user press the APP key on Windows, a popup menu shows up. But so far, I couldn’t get it to work. Any ideas on how to add it?

APP(AKA context-menu)-key ?? (virtual key-code is hex 5D)


Is that the one with the windows logo? I wouldn’t have added support for it, being a bit too windows-specific…

Actually no, its the one next to the windows-logo one. I think MAC also have that context-menu keyboard option, but I have to check.


You mean ALT?

Not sure, I will have a bit more on that. :oops: It wasn’t my idea to add this option, an user asked for it, and he’s also a programmer. So maybe I will ask him to explain a bit more.

Edit: he told me that the windows key code is hex 5D, does that help in any way?

Thanks Jules.

Surprisingly, I haven’t actually memorised all the win32 keycode hex values…


I didn’t expect you to. :wink:

Just ignore me for now, I will handle this later on, its not urgent anyway.

Best Regards, WilliamK

This is still not urgent, but here’s some new info:

An extract from the WX-widgets site:

There are differences between the standard keystrokes for Windows and the standard keystrokes for OS X. For example, we need to support the context menu (VK_APPS) key Microsoft context menu key and Shift+F10 on Windows, while Mac provides Control+Space to open a context menu… Use EVT_CONTEXT_MENU to capture all of the different ways context menus are generated, rather than just looking for right button clicks. If the event is returned with coordinates of -1, -1 then it was generated from a keystroke.