(Context) Menu key in KeyPress

Am I just missing something, or is the menu key (the one which calls the context menu in most applications on windows) really not handled by a keyPressed(const Keypress&) event?
I looked into the source code and there didn’t seem to be anything present like that. Also if I catch every Keypress and display its keyCode, nothing happens for the menu key.
It would be really unfortunate if this key would be useless in JUCE applications.

Furthermore is there someway I could add this myself?

Thanks in advance

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I would like to follow up on this. Currently there doesn’t seem to be a way to repreduce a right click action by just using the keyboard on Windows. This would be useful for impaired users trying to open a popup menu by right clicking on any component.

More specifically, ModifierKeys::isPopupMenu () should return true also when the Context menu key is pressed on Windows (at the moment it only returns true when right-clicking on Win).