App notification?

I’ve an application that I can hide the main window of. But when I click on the task bar icon, the menu gets activated but of course the window is still hidden.

So the question is whether there is something I can look for when I activate the application in order to un-hide the window ?


Hmm, that’s something I’ve never added, I’ve just relied on window focus changes as a way of detecting the changes. It’d be possible to create some kind of event for it on mac + win32, but I’m not sure if it’s possible on linux…

There is a flag “LSUIElement” which can be used for hiding the dock icon and also the menu bar. This can be either put into the info.plist file and can also be set from the source code.I have never tried hiding and un-hiding the task bar icon through code, I normally put the flag in info.plist file. This might just work.

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